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  1. Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:27 pm
    Message by F 3 A R - URGENT : dUPE BUG.
    okay well look im just going to cut straight to the point. i was training at fire giants with dragon427. my ign is p u r i t y btw. ok well next thing i see is a hole bunch of evo_m_r sending messages through ::say. now i know the real evo and he told me theres a hole bunch of fakes of him which he made a video of. Now at that moment the thought jumped in my mind. That you could wipe other characters if you wanted to. thats impossible though, i tested it. well look basicly u can make the same character a few times for example if my name is hello123 and i typed hello123\ in the login but with a different password, it would create another hello123. Well then i told zeria to teleport me to mod room. Now while we were expirementing in mod room, evo discovered that if you open another client and login to your account jujst as normal with your correct username and password, that it sort of 'dupes' ur whole account into 2. And then i realized that would mean that you could dupe items easily since now u have 2 of everything. Now here are detailed screenys showing everything by step by step on how the dupe works. but its just a rumor for now and i doubt its possible.

    (sorry for not cropping).

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